Thomas Mitsanze

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1.1 I was born at Nyongoro in Lamu district on 27th November 1944.
1.2 I did my primary education at Nyongoro and Ngao Intermediate (Tana River district) schools. I passed the Kenya African Primary Education (KAPE) examination in 1959.
1.3 I joined Shimo La Tewa Secondary (High) school as a Form 1 in 1960. I passed the Cambridge School Certificate Examination with a Division 1 (18 points) in 1963.
1.4 I proceeded to do the Cambridge Higher School Certificate course at Shimo la Tewa High school in 1964 as a science student. I passed the Cambridge Higher School Certificate examination in 1965 with 3 Principals in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.
1.5 I joined the University of Nairobi in September 1966 to pursue a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) degree, majoring in Chemistry and Physics. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree, Upper Class, in Chemistry and Physics in June 1969.

2.1 I was employed by Kenya Petroleum Refineries Ltd (KPRL) as a junior Refinery Process Technologist in July 1969 in Mombasa.
2.2 I attended several training courses in the UK and in the Netherlands on Refinery Petroleum Technology conducted by Shell International Company.
2.3 I rose in the company ranks and retired in July 1999 as a Senior Refinery Technologist.
2.4 In August 1999, the management at KPRL offered me a contract of 6 years to train young graduate engineers in Refinery processes and technology. I left KPRL for my retirement in December 2005.
2.5 In July 2010, KPRL management gave me a contract to start and manufacture grease products at their Grease Plant. By the time of writing this CV, I am still working on contract at the Kenya Petroleum Refineries Ltd, Mombasa.

3. Christian Life and Marital Status.
3.1 I was born in a Christian family and my parents were Methodists by denomination.
3.2On 11th July 1970, I married my wife, Selina, at the Anglican Memorial Cathedral, Mombasa. Sister Selina’s parents are Anglicans.
3.3Our first child, a daughter, was born in 1972. Our second child, a son, was born in 1976. The last child, a son, was born in 1980. My daughter and my first son were dedicated at the Buxton Anglican church, Mombasa, in 1979.
3.4 In January1980, we purchased a house in a new estate located in the Mombasa North( Kiembeni Estate). We therefore moved from the island to the new estate.
3.5 Our last child, a son, was born in April 1980.
3.6 In August 1980 , the Mombasa Baptist Missionary (Rev. Douglas Van Davender) visited the Kiembeni estate. He identified the estate as suitable to plant a church.
3.7When the missionary visited the estate again at the beginning of September 1980, he was accompanied by the Principal of Mombasa Baptist High School, missionary Jack Yates. Rev. Douglas requested whether they would use my house for Sunday Fellowships and Sunday school for the estate children. I accepted. We were only two estate families ready to attend the fellowships.
3.8 December 1980, I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of my life.
3.9 In March 1981, there were 5 estate adults attending the Sunday Fellowships. The Sunday school children were 15. Mrs Van Davender and Mrs Yates taught the Sunday school class. Principal Jack Yates taught the adult Bible class and Rev. Douglas preached during the service.
3.10 In the same month, the adult fellowship moved out of my house to a shade under a mango tree. The children continued to use my house.
3.11 January 1982, Rev. Douglas recommended Rev. Benson Shisoka to be our pastor at the new Kiembeni church. Rev. Benson had just graduated with a diploma in Theology from Arusha Baptist Theological Seminary in Tanzania. We accepted Rev. Douglas’s recommendation.
3.12 On 23rd December 1982, I was baptized by immersion in water at the Bahari Club, Mombasa, by Rev. Douglas Van Davender.
3.13 My wife, Selina, accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour on 20th October 1983.
3.14 On 22nd December 1983, sister Selina was baptized by immersion in water at the Bahari Club, Mombasa, by Rev. Douglas Van Davender.
3.15 On 25th December 1983, our last child, born in 1980, was dedicated to the Lord by Rev. Douglas Van Davender.
3.16Rev. Douglas was to leave for the U.S.A. in February 1984. A deacons’ board was constituted under Pastor Rev. Benson Shisoka. Principal Jack Yates was to continue supporting the young Kiembeni Baptist Church. The church had 7 born again and baptized adult members. I was elected a deacon and the treasurer of the church.
3.17 By the time Rev. Douglas was leaving for the USA , at the end of February 1984, the church had 10 committed adult members.
3.18 Through fund raising activities and support from Baptist Convention of Kenya/ Baptist Mission of Kenya, we purchased a 3.96 acre plot and erected a “makuti” thatched church in 1986. The adult members had increased to 100 .
3.19 In December 1984, I was elected the treasurer of Mombasa Baptist Association (M.B.A.). This association comprised about 11 churches in Mombasa County in 1984. I was annually re-elected a treasurer of M.B.A. until I stood down in 2000. The number of Mombasa Baptist churches as members of M.B.A. by 2000 was 52.
3.20 At Kiembeni Baptist Church , I was annually re-elected a member of the Deacons’ board and a treasurer from January 1984 to February 2002.
3.21 The Deacons’ board, under Rev. Benson Shisoka, accomplished the following:

  • The church membership grew from 10 adults in February 1984 to 1600 adults by the time Rev. Benson went to be with the Lord in August 1998.
  • A large church building (capacity 2000 people) was erected on the plot with financial support from the Baptist Mission of Kenya in 1987.
  • A primary school was built by the church to cater for educational needs of the Kiembeni community in 1988.
  • A children support program, the Compassion International with its headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, started assisting poor children with their school fee requirements. The church partnered with Compassion International in the management of the project.
  • Cell Groups were introduced at Kiembeni Baptist Church in 1990. The membership growth was evident when Cell Groups became operational.
  • A village polytechnic was built on the church plot by Mombasa Baptist Association (M.B.A.) in 1991 in order to provide technical skills to Form 4 and Standard 8 dropouts.

3.22 When Rev. Benson Shisoka went to be with the Lord, the church membership called Rev. John Mukare to be the pastor.
3.23 In October 2001, I bought a house at Nyali Estate, Mombasa. I moved to Nyali estate in February 2002. By the time of leaving Kiembeni Baptist Church in February 2002, the membership had grown to about 2000 people.
3.24 Since our nearest Baptist Church was Nyali Baptist, we started attending Sunday services there. We were blessed by the warm fellowship at Nyali Baptist Church and we decided to make it a home church.
3.25 My wife and I became members of Nyali Baptist Church in March 2003.
3.26 At the March 2004 annual general meeting, I was elected a member of the Deacons’ board. I have continued to be elected a deacon after every two year service period.
3.27 I volunteered to carry out the responsibilities of minute taking during Deacons’ board meetings since 2006. I continue to do so todate.
3.28 I am a patron of the Men’s ministry since 2009.
3.29 I am the deacon in-charge of Customs Cell Group.
3.30 I am a member of the church main choir and the Men’s ministry choir.
3.31 I disciple a class of newly saved people. I also recommend members of the disciple class to the pastorate team for Baptism.
3.32 I am one of the members of the Deacons’ board who interview church attendees who want to be members of Nyali Baptist Church.
3.33 On the family front, I now have 4 grand children:
A grand son from my first child, a daughter
A grand son and a grand daughter from my second child, a son.
A grand daughter from my third child, a son.


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