Titus Kipsang

Just by spending a short while with them, you feel the warmth between the couple. It doesn’t take long to notice the love amongst the Kipsangs. Closely knit together, they wait with anticipation to answer the questions shot at them…

Mr. Titus Kipsang is a practicing architect and the proprietor of Symbion, an architectural firm. His wife, Mrs. Christine Kipsang is an advocate of the high court of Kenya and has her own law firm in Mombasa. The couple has been blessed with two children, a daughter and a son.

Monday to Sunday, theirs is a busy life torn between work, self employment, and service in Church. Apart from Titus being a deacon and member of the Church Development Committee, the Kipsangs are currently serving in various ministries at Nyali Baptist. They are patrons to the Youth Ministry, the Teen’s Ministry, and the Town Fellowship Cell. Christine is a former member of the Executive Committee of Ladies Ministry.


Mr. and Mrs. Kipsang with their son Vitalis and their daughter Vivienne

Until 2004 The Kipsangs were committed members of AIC Lang’ata. Just before they moved to Mombasa, Christine remembers their pastor then sharing with them a verse that has become her favorite portion of the Bible - 1 Timothy 4:12. Just like the great commission, they knew theirs was going to be a huge task ahead. This is the attitude with which they came to Nyali Baptist Church. Although young, and facing all manner of challenges that young couples go through, they have always served in church whenever called upon to do so. They reckon they have found a great family at Nyali Baptist.

Christine confirms that the family moved to Nyali Baptist when her son was only seven months old and he found somewhere to belong too! They wish to stay here and continue serving the Lord.

From the Kipsangs one definitely gets the challenge that Christians are and should be continually growing beings. This is how they view themselves, 

“we are growing Christians! We have continually yearned to give whole hearted participation to service in church. I had to give up my position in the Rotary Club and AAK Mombasa Branch for a place in church. Similarly, my wife had to give up a position in the local chapter of Law Society of Kenya known as Mombasa Law Society (LSK), to fully participate in church activities”

But how do they manage to continually serve in church with their demanding jobs? They simply put it,

“as Christians, we must always keep our spiritual ears open to Gods instruction and direction…This is the real beginning of growth, and that is how we have managed”. The children are part of a vibrant Sunday school and they like it”.

How the happy Kipsangs look on a formal, and a casual day



The greatest inspiration you get from the Kipsangs is that God is central to human growth and all manner of positive change. They acknowledge God for all the good changes they have witnessed in their family as well as their spiritual life. This is the major thing they wish to share with the church of Jesus Christ.

“God is central in all. He will always provide leadership. Whenever you are faced with difficult situations, ask Him for guidance. Acknowledge Him in all you do. You will soon find out: God is the secret key in resolving issues”.

The Kipsangs have lived their family and spiritual lives by acknowledging God in each little step, and they have seen Him work. Theirs is undeterred confidence and unwavering faith in God!

The Kipsangs greatest hope is to be mentors to church and individuals in church. They do
not doubt that the church has given them that much needed direction. They in return wish
to be an opportunity, a doorway for others to see change. This kind of dedication of course comes with huge demands: constant study of Gods word, prayer and faith.

Mr. Titus Kipsang has a favorite bible verse:

Matthew 3:16
Seek ye first the kingdom of God…
And all other things shall be added unto you (KJV)

Christine Kipsang has a favorite bible verse too:

1Timothy 4:12
Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for believers in speech in life, in love, in faith, and in purity. (NIV)

She vividly recalls their pastor in their former church in Nairobi sharing the verse with them…and she tells it with a smile;

“we knew it was an enormous task ahead of us. Dedicating ourselves fully to service in church .It is not easy especially for a young family like ours. God has made it possible for us. Since we came to Nyali Baptist, we have really grown, and we are still growing.”

She wraps this up with her favorite verse and a word of advice to the youth;

“Live life with a sense of moderation. One step at a time .A piece a day, and soon you will have it whole!”

The Kipsangs pledge their continued dedication and support to service in church. They however wish to see several changes at Nyali Baptist:
1. They hope to see a new sanctuary for the church. In regard to this, Mr. Titus Kipsang is currently assisting with the designs and architectural plan.
2. They hope to see the establishment of specific ministries to serve specific needs of the believers. They wish to see specific ministries with elaborate structures, so that all ages and categories of believers are taken care of.-that can members graduate from ministry to ministry with ease.
3. The Kipsangs foresee a day when Nyali Baptist will have sufficient facilities for bible study and flexible timetables for bible study meetings.
4. They wish to see Nyali Baptist have professional sound technicians and qualified music assistants.
5. They also hope that Nyali Baptist will have a vehicle, preferably a bus, to serve during the various church functions
6. Above else, while they themselves have endeavored to set an example in ministry, the Kipsangs hope that believers will readily offer themselves and be more flexible to serve in ministry for God.

Read the bible looking for a speck and be a spark
Want details on that? Come fellowship with us and experience the great family warmth at Nyali Baptist, Mji Mpya-Links Road junction, Nyali Mombasa.

God bless you.
Mr. and Mrs. Titus Kipsang can be reached for prayers, counseling and fellowship on their phone numbers +254722780030, +254722780033 or through administrator (Lilly or Pendo) +254721231478.

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